You can often read about vulnerabilities in websites and about disclosed information
It is often difficult to find and solve those problems without a thorough scan.

Our goal is to make websites a bit more secure and people can use the internet a bit more safe.

With a Manual-SCAN your website or web shop is scanned for a lot of security risks.
The Manual-SCAN uses the OWASP Top-10 to address the risks.
We use a thorough, mostly automated PASSIVE and ACTIVE scanning method for doing that.
We do a thorough manual scan to test if specific parts on the website are secure. Think about login procedures, password reset etc. We can do both WhiteBox and BlackBox scanning.
The result is a customized report in English.

Our customers think our added value is that we take time to discuss all the technical details.
We do that personally and in simple, understandable language. We give constructive, often simple, tips you can use in practice to address your specific problems.
With that you can address the problems and risks.

Customers will use your website more easily when they notice the company takes their information seriously and your website looks secure.

The Manual-SCAN is especially made for those who have a website that handles customer information (such as a web shop or a contact form), but don’t have the money to hire an expensive expert.
The cost of a Manual-SCAN depends largely on the specific circumstances. Therefore we always start a Manual-SCAN with an intake. The intake costs Euro 100,–. After the personal intake we decide how to go further together.


When you want more than that we can give additional advice or give a presentation about IT-security.

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